How to get free Bitcoin?

bitcoinIt has become apparent that Bitcoin has all the qualities of becoming a widely known form of money – if not already. We’ve seen through the years how the digital currency proved to be a very useful form of payment in keeping transactions as private as possible. That is why more people are now considering and using Bitcoin for their digital purchases.

Bitcoin also paved a way for other crypto-currencies to exist. Aside from Bitcoin, we now have the following digital currencies: LiteCoin, PeerCoin, DogeCoin, NameCoin, BCash, Monero, ZCash, DASH and NXT among others. So as you can see, the future of cryptocurrencies, especially of Bitcoin looks definitely bright!

So if you haven’t invested in Bitcoins yet, you might want to think it over already. The cryptocurrency was created in 2009 and after roughly 7 years, Bitcoin usages have become widespread all over the world. And like any other paper currency, Bitcoin is becoming more and more stable as the years go by. And before we know, Bitcoin is already the most important global payment institution.

So it’s time for you to get some Bitcoin and start paying your online purchases using the said digital currency. One way of getting Bitcoin is to buy from an exchange platform. That’s basically the convenient and safest way of getting Bitcoins.

walletBut let’s say you want to get Bitcoins for free, is that even possible? In this world and age we live in, everything is now possible. Continue reading to learn about lazy ways to get FREE Bitcoins – yes, you don’t have to spend a dime for the valuable digital currency.


Get Free Bitcoins Doing Almost Nothing

First off, you need to create your very own Bitcoin address before you can even get free Bitcoins. There are several Bitcoin wallets out there so make sure that you pick a reliable one. You can check out to setup a Bitcoin wallet.

Once you have a working Bitcoin wallet, you can then start getting Free Bitcoins online. Here are some ways on how you can do so.

Signup at different Bitcoin Faucets

A Bitcoin faucet is basically a platform that promises to reward users with free Bitcoin credits. Most Bitcoin faucets are designed with advertisements and that’s how they can keep the site running. Others make money through a referral program where users need to refer other users to the website so they can earn free Bitcoins.

Check out some of the Bitcoin faucets available online:

qoinpro All services have been discontinued in 2022. Upon signing up for a free account at, your account will be credited with 0.00000250 BitCoins , 0.00007671 LiteCoins , 0.00604838 FeatherCoins , 0.24640460 Virtacoins , 0.00056826 PeerCoins and 0.00004063 DarkCoins. According to the Bitcoin faucet QoinPro, it aims at educating the mass about crypto-currency which is why it’s making it easier for people to get started using cryptocurrencies.Visit Quoinpro


Play a Game to Earn Bitcoins

Play certain games on your mobile device to earn free Bitcoins! Here is a list of games where you can win free Bitcoins:

Cash Flapper

– available on iOS

Cash Tower

– available on iOS

Cash Frog

– available on iOS

Cash Bird

– available on iOS

Coin Flapper

– just for Android


Read a Classic Book and Get Rewarded with Free Bitcoins

Read books like Peter Pan, Prejudice, and timeless classic Think and Grow Rich and get paid to read. Sign up for a free account and then choose the book you’d like to add to earn free Bitcoin credits.

Sign up to Affiliate / Referral Programs

There are several referral programs that are available online that you can take advantage of to earn money. If you’re goal is to earn Free Bitcoins, you might want to sign up to Bitcoin-based casinos and refer players to the said site to earn Bitcoin points. You can also play casino games yourself to qualify for the bonuses that are available such as Welcome Bonus, Loyalty Bonus and so much more. Here is more on Bitcoin Affiliate Programs. Also, heres a whole site with hundreds of bitcoin affiliate programs.

Captcha for Free Bitcoins

You can also earn Bitcoins by simply filling out captcha. Filling out captchas can be tiresome though. But then again, that’s how you get to earn some free stuff.

With Bitcoin becoming a force to reckon with, people will definitely do whatever it takes to get their hands on the precious cryptocurrency. By simply completing certain tasks such as reading books or filling out captchas, you can earn Bitcoins.

While such offers seem too good to be true, most of them are definitely are. That’s why you need to be extremely cautious and meticulous when trying to get free Bitcoins or anything free for that matter.